Cindy Krall | When, Where and How to Carve Out Quiet
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Lazy days of summer lend themselves to inklings of more time. Unrushed… peaceful…quiet…time.

And yet, summer can take on a life of its own. Before you know it, summer trips, yard work, and family obligations begin to boss around the summer schedule.

But what if our heart aches for consistent quiet? Something we can count on and look forward to?

Learning to carve out quiet time is so stinking hard to do. My Mom would’ve said that the hard thing is usually the best thing. She’s right. It is difficult to take time to be still and yet when I do, it changes me…for the better. 

Despite the business of summer, this is probably the best season to pursue pause.

Does YOUR heart yearn for a slice of stillness?

If so, grab your lemonade (or coffee) and I’ll share three simple tips (when, where and what) that will help establish a rhythm of rest in your life.

When Can We Push Pause?

This answer is going to sound like a cheat but it’s honest. The ideal time to push pause is whenever it’s best for YOU.

Not everyone is a morning person. You may prefer evenings or your best bet may be over the noon hour.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself what time of day are you most likely to:

  • Enjoy A Quiet Moment
  • Experience Success Pursuing It

Whatever you decide, try to be consistent.

Where Can We Push Pause?

My where has changed over the years. When we had small children my quiet time was in the bathroom. Often it was on the toilet or in the shower or both! My book sat next to the white throne.  If I was lucky I’d read a paragraph and then pray in the shower. That’s all I had.

The good news is that is all God required. He’s marvelous like that.

We give Him what we’ve got and He takes it and multiplies it.

When my kids were old enough to entertain themselves my “where” transitioned to our bedroom floor next to my nightstand. It seemed to be the most private place in the house. I spent several years in that spot.

Eventually, I was able to shift to other areas in my home…for a few years, it was by the corn burner. Today it’s a small room off of our bedroom.

The point is that the actual location doesn’t matter near as much as simply having a spot. It may be in the bathroom, in the car over the noon hour, a porch or a coffee shop. Your search may require trial and error. Don’t give up and remember that the location may change depending on the season of life you are in.

What Helps Us Push Pause

If you only have fifteen minutes for quiet, you don’t want to waste ten of those minutes looking for your book, bible or highlighter. It’s incredibly helpful to have your inspirational “tools” in one spot.

I have a basket in which I keep my bible, several books, a journal and a pencil case full of highlighters, pens, and stick-em notes.

Your quiet time toolbox may be a basket, bag, tote or binder. Whatever it is, collect your items and have them available so that you don’t get discouraged before you even get started.

Summer is in full-play. I wish for you the same thing I wish for me… sun-kissed moments pushing pause and carving out the quiet that God made our souls to crave.

Savoring the journey with you,



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