A New Lease on Life- Truth for when Self-Care is Hard |
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She was two people ahead of me in the grocery checkout line. Like me, she had three little’s in tow. They looked to be my kid’s age. Our similarities ended there.

My unintroduced friend was wearing makeup, nice jeans and a button down. I ,on the other hand, looked like a naked-face, vagabond version of Pipi Longstocking. I wasn’t jealous. I was incredulous.

How does she do it?!

I’m in awe of women that squeak self-care into their lives. Maybe it’s make-up, maybe it’s a date with girl-friends, maybe it’s a two-mile run. Whatever the form, I’m convinced that self-care is one of the hardest things a woman can do— whatever season she’s in.

Taking time to pour a smidgen into our own lives has exponential benefits. It enables us to pour out more. Ya’ll are rolling your eyes at this point because you already know this.

What we don’t always know is how to actually make it happen. I’m a work in progress but my motivation for self-care was helped when I became convicted about the principle of leasing.

Hubs and I have a friend who’s never owned a car. He leases them. He says it comes out better in the end for him. I pondered the fact that we don’t lease and then it dawned on me. We do. The most important vehicle we use isn’t ours.

Allow me to share an “old-school” version of scripture.

“Whether ye know not, that your members be the temple of the Holy Ghost, that is in you, whom ye have of God, and ye be not your own? For ye be bought with great price. Glorify ye, and bear ye God in your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Wycliffe Bible




Double Hmmmmm.

If I could be honest I’d tell you that I don’t need one more thing to feel guilty about. If this verse is going to make me feel bad about putting the care of others before the care of myself, I may need to find another verse! Kidding. (Kind of.)

Fortunately, when the Holy Spirit gets a hold of me I don’t feel guilty… I feel conviction. Big difference. He used this verse to remind me that Jesus paid a steep price for me to experience a new lease on life. This life, this body, the “vehicle” that carries my soul is not my own.

There’s freedom in knowing that our bodies are not our own. It means we can trust God with them. There’s also a positive, built-in incentive. It’s more motivating to take care of something that isn’t ours. We’d feel bad if we damaged someone else’s property.

The Holy Spirit ‘s recent whispers of “You’re not your own. Your body is on loan so please take care it.” have helped me tend to my own needs.

I’m a slow learner so the manifestation of this truth is slow as well. I’m not running any marathons. In fact, I laughed out loud when I found a plaque for my triathlon-running friend. It reads:

I’ll be ready for the triathlon a soon as I learn how to swim, ride a bike and care.

Fortunately, HS has not equated “care of my body” with triathlons! However, He has been helping me make small, steady changes that show respect for my “vehicle”.

Let’s keep each other accountable. I’m praying for you. I covet your prayers as well. The road home can be long so let’s help each other make sure we’ve got enough air in our tires and fuel in our tanks to make the trip and make it WELL.

How about you? If you thought of your body as “not your own” is there one small thing you would do different? I’d love to know. Or if you’ve figured out this business of self-care and have a tip to share, I’d love to know that too. Success stories are inspiring!

Savoring the Journey with you,


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  • Faye Lynch

    Due to some unhealthy lab work for my husband and I, I am trying to think different in how I cook and the foods I choose. It is hard. I love to cook and bake. This was so helpful, to be reminded my body is the Lord’s. The enemy lies so well, when it comes to an unhealthy snack, or sweets. But I do want to honor God and His temple, so I lean on Him for help.
    Thanks, Cindy

    April 23, 2019

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