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“I was angry. Shaking my fist and raising my voice to God. ‘Why won’t you let me help you!’”

My friend sheepishly shared her dream. She said she awoke from it with a start. Mind racing, heart beating she thought,

Did I really just say that to God?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had that exact conversation with Him but I can attest to thoughts and behavior that proved a similar declaration. 

If you and I were sharing a cup of coffee this is the moment I’d lean in and whisper, “Is that unreasonable? Is it bad to wonder if we can “help” God?”

I believe it depends upon the motive. If there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s this—

God is all about the heart.

When we offer our “help” to God from a heart of love, devotion, and loyalty I believe that such a sacrifice is a soothing aroma. (Numbers 18:17)

When we offer our “help” from the vantage point of pride or self-serving motives, than my guess is that God is less than pleased.

So how can we test our motives? Especially in light of this truth…

”“The heart is deceitful above all things.” Jeremiah 17:9

I rarely trust my own heart. Fortunately, when I doubt my own motives, I can rally support from the troops.

I check out my manual for living.

His word is “living and active”. When I let God know that I’m desperate to do it His way, but that I’m not sure what that looks like, I often find clarity from scripture.

I look for a difference between signal and noise.

If I’m not hundred percent at peace with a course of action, that is usually the Holy Spirit reminding me that I may be paying more attention to the voices in my head than His voice.

I ask Jesus to guard me against faulty thinking.

The knowledge that Jesus is present and able to protect me from my own poor choices is a major source of comfort. If you could read my thought bubble you’d frequently see “Jesus take the wheel!”

I seek accountability.

I’m grateful for the “iron” that sharpens my “iron”. Family and friends are great sources of accountability when I’m trying to make sure my motives are from a position of surrender versus wanting to boss God around.

All of these things are great tools for examining our hearts but what do we hang on to if we conclude that we’re not supposed to do anything?


We wait on the God that doesn’t need our help.

”Yet those who wait for the Lord, will gain new strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Isaiah 40:31

The Hebrew word for wait in this verse is also the word for hope.

Waiting may be the unplowed field that allows hope to be planted. If there were no waiting we might not ever experience the gift of hope.

Life is full of countless areas in which we can wonder if God needs a push:

  • The restoration of health

  • The return of a prodigal

  • Freedom from financial burden

  • Clarity regarding a difficult decision

When hard things like this make us wonder what our next move should look like, we can remember to do the following:


If we discover that we’re not supposed to “help” then chances are, He is asking us to surrender. Fortunately, when surrender is what is required we can rest in this truth—

There is hope in the waiting.

Savoring the Journey with You,



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  • This is so good and resonates with me to the core! The “difference between signal and noise” especially!!! Here’s my quandary…..when I use all these steps to delay acting because I’m afraid, feel unqualified, don’t want to leave my comfort zone. I’m afraid I walk a fine line between waiting and hiding. Ever been there? Seems so silly at my age with what I know and believe! Wish we were sitting across the table from each other talking in depth over coffee! This is the next best thing though! Keep that Cindy wisdom coming!!! ❤️

    May 1, 2018

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