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“Jesus loves the internet.”

Five years ago, that’s what the speaker at the Billy Graham center said in regards to the value of social media. Jon Acuff was also there. He made me laugh. He almost made me want to do Twitter (but that only lasted about five minutes).

However, when it was all said and done, I walked away thinking “Dang straight! I’ll bet Jesus does loves the internet!” I was all in. Facebook first. Instagram a couple of years later. I went for a short ride on Pinterest but quickly learned that it was a vortex of unproductivity for me. I dropped it (and my bias against Twitter) as I dipped my toes in Tweets.

I made friends… GOOD friends. Met people. Joined groups. On the whole, it was a marvelous experience. There was just one problem. My neck kept getting out of joint from the continuous jerk of notifications. The constant attention to little red bubbles that housed the number of things I had missed was draining.

But deep down I knew that something more sinister than fatigue was happening. It was starting to feel “not real”. My online life was consuming me at the cost of the life that was right in front of me.

 “Jesus loves the internet” was no longer pinging in my brain. Instead, all I could hear was,

”“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world yet lose their soul?” Matthew 16:26

So, last fall I shared on FB and IG that I’d be taking a thirty day fast from social media starting January 1, 2019. (I have my friend, Suzie Eller, to thank for the idea.) I shared a New Year’s post and then walked away.

I confess that at first it felt weird. I would grab my phone to check it and then with glazed eyes mutter to myself “Um. Yeah. That’s right. I don’t do that anymore.” I learned quite a few things in my thirty day break-up. Scan the list if you like. I bet you’ll notice a theme…I certainly did.

I carried my phone with me less.
I went to bed earlier.
I had more time.
I looked out my car window more.
I talked to my spouse more.
I compared myself less.
I had anxiety about missing out (at first).
I had more time.
I made more home-made meals.
I began to exercise.
I got into a TV series with my son.
I had more time.
I played with the dog.
I made snow angels with my daughter.
I watched several movies.
I baked more.
I had a conversation with the drive-thru bank teller.
I had more time.
I talked to the check-out gal at the grocery store.
I had no anxiety about missing out.
I stopped imagining my phone ping.
I thought about my online friends a lot.
I prayed for my online friends more.
I delighted my husband by being on my phone less.
I delighted myself by being on my phone less.
I missed my online friends.
I made a couple of great playlists on Spotify.
I walked the dog more.
I had more time for quiet.
I. Had. More. Time.

There are items on the list that I engaged in prior to my fast but while I was abstaining I did them so much more. Captain Obvious would agree—

Time spent on social media is time that is NOT spent on something else.

I’ve been back online for two weeks. I discovered that I had missed a couple of meetings (social media has definitely become a form of communication). I missed a few happenings with people I care about.

However, at the end of the day I’m pretty sure I found more than I lost.

I’m grateful for the world that’s “out there” but learning to keep that world in perspective with the world that God so graciously put right under my nose has been a good thing.

Does social media have a hold on you?

If so, I encourage you to take a break, even if it’s for a short time. If you’re not sure, try tracking the time you spend on it. (If you use an iPhone or iPad you can go to Settings to track and manage your screen time. Here’s a link to see how.) You may be surprised by what you learn.

If you decide to pull the trigger, here’s a link to a fun song that will encourage you. Even though the artist is talking about fear I think it applies— sometimes letting go of a habit can be scary.

It is good to be back online but I’m crazy thankful for waking up to the beautiful life that’s right in front of me. (Feel free to message or email me if you’re feeling the tug to take a break but would like some accountability. I get it. I really do.)

Savoring the journey with you,


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  • Lavonne Oswald

    I took that break with you Cindy- except what I needed for my work- actually felt freedom & have made the decision to be on less(even tho I am not on as much as some) doesn’t matter- I need to do what is right for me.
    Time is so precious and fleeting- I don’t want to waste a second! Thank u for the nudge I needed.

    February 17, 2019

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