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I could hear the whir of the metal lathes in the background. Accompanying the high pitch was an unidentifiable smell. Burnt metal?

I was running an errand for Doc (the hubster) when my senses were assaulted as I waited for a part he needed. The wait was actually a welcome reprieve. Life had been crazy. The forced twiddling of thumbs was as comforting as cocoa on a cold day.

That’s when the sign in the lobby caught my eye.

Lost but headed in the right direction.

I had to stifle an out-loud laugh. Seriously? Did the receptionist pick out the sign? Because I could have sworn God had swept in two minutes prior and placed the sucker right where He knew I’d see it.

He was intimately acquainted with how I’d been feeling the past month, or two…or ten.

I had been feeling lost.

My writing no longer reflected my passion.

An empty nest was looming on the horizon.

The smell of impending change was as pungent as the smell of burnt metal.

My observations brought me no comfort. Instead, I felt like a traveler holding a spinning compass.

You too?

If you’re going through a season in which you desire change (or you know that change is eminent) perhaps these three truths will encourage you.

#1 When we ask God for direction we can trust Him to give it

When we’re serious about pursuing God’s will for our lives He’s serious about helping us find it.

The hard part is that the sign may or may not be “fire from heaven”. We may have to quiet our minds, still our hearts and lasso our crazy schedules if we want to hear from Him. Some of God’s greatest biblical revelations came in the form of a whisper.

Not only does God tend to whisper His directions He provides them on His timetable.

When direction seems slow in coming I try to remember how short a year looks to an eternal God. Still, it’s hard so when waiting breeds discouragement we need to cling to principle number two.

#2 God is in control and we can trust Him with outcomes

When the heavens seem silent and we wonder if anyone is listening, the roots of our faith have a choice to make. They can shrivel or they can go deep.

I’ve lived out both scenarios. I can say with authority that the shrivel option never landed me in a good spot.

One of my favorite verses says:

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Hope is is life-sustaining. What’s interesting to me is what God has done to my definition of hope.

When I’m lost and looking for direction He’s been teaching me to focus less on “the thing I hope for” and more on the “the thing He hopes for me”.  I’ve learned that my own heart isn’t trustworthy. His is. Which brings me to the third and final principle. The one which trumps the others.

#3 God loves us and is always for us

When direction isn’t 100% clear, or when outcomes seem to take longer than expected we can trust that God knows best.

I pray that doesn’t feel like salt in a wound. There are times when life dishes out more than what it seems a person should have to bear. Jesus said, “In this world we will have trouble.” Trouble with a capitol “T” can cause even the most stalwart in faith to question whether or not God knows best.

But our troubles don’t drive God’s “what next”.  God drives our “what next”. This is good news. Because no one loves us the way He does. Belief in the way He feels about us and the knowledge that He has good plans for us promotes peace in the waiting.

The day I saw that sign in the lobby I was comforted. It was as if my unrest was approved. The waiting was OK because I was supposed to be lost.

Sometimes being lost is a pre-requisite to heading in the right direction. For me, direction took the form of heading “home” and a desire to have as people as possible find home too.  Cliché ‘for sure, but the word picture made my compass ping.

Jack Graham (author of Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters) said this:

We’re all sojourners making our way home.

I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for linking elbows with me on the trip. I’ll be here every Thursday to share what He’s teaching me on my trip. I hope you’ll share what youre learning on yours.

Today I’d love to know what He’s teaching you about new direction, what you’re learning or what has you stumped. You can let me know in the comments, email, or message me on Facebook. I can’t wait to hear from you because———

Road trips are way more fun with two.

Savoring the journey with you,


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